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We all met the nice lady with the hairstyle that hasn’t changed since 1985. While she might have been cute for the time, it’s not exactly a youthful look.

It turns out that outdated hairstyles aren’t the only way to add a few years to your look. Whether you’re trying to cover up emerging grays, experimenting with homemade coloring, or experimenting with a trendy style, read on to see if it keeps you youthful or adds a decade to your look.

To find the most flattering hair tips for all ages, we spoke to Glennis mccarthy, a regular jill-of-all-trades. Seriously, she’s an actress, voice over artist, licensed manicurist, hairdresser, and is now pursuing a graduate degree in all things hair. Plus, she’s really cool and sweet. Just one more fun fact.

McCarthy explains how to keep your look as youthful as possible while still being bold with your hair.

Using the wrong color for gray hair

Grays can occur at almost any age. And if you want to cover them up, McCarthy recommends choosing a hair color carefully. For an at-home coloring session, make sure the product of your choice says it is “formulated for grays.” If it’s not meant for grays, you won’t get the color saturation you’re looking for, according to McCarthy.

Why does gray hair need a special hair color? Well, the hair is generally coarser than the rest of your hair. In addition, it is much lighter, so the product must be very strong to penetrate grays and give you the coverage you want, depending on Really simple. The magazine even recommends using two types of hair color: your usual color and a darker color. This ensures that the stubborn grays suck all the color and give you the natural look you are looking for.

If you have a lot of gray, you can go to a professional for the best results. In a living room, your hair will be pretreated with a peroxide solution. This softens the hair and makes it more sensitive to the coloring product, according to Really simple. Then the stylist can use a custom concoction to give you the perfect color.

Not matching your hair color to your skin tone

Maybe you saw a picture of Christina Hendricks in a magazine and thought, “This is exactly the red I always wanted!” But before you exhaust yourself for copper locks, make sure your ideal hair color matches your skin tone.

Sure, this red looks pretty on Hendricks, but if you have a different skin tone it could be a bad fit. Having a hair color that doesn’t match your skin tone can be unflattering and make you look a little older.

McCarthy says you can determine your skin tone by looking at the veins in your hands. “If they have a bluish tint, [your skin tone is] cool. If it’s a greenish tint, it’s hot, ”she says. Next, choose a hair color that complements your tone.

“For hot dishes, try blond, red, brown or black strawberries. For freshness, try ash blonde, brown, or black with blue or purple undertones. “You can have any hair color you like, just make sure it works with the warmth or coolness of your skin tone.

Not knowing your hair type

If you are planning to color your hair at home, you must familiarize yourself with your natural hair. This means that you should learn a bit more about hair levels and tones before you take out the coloring kit.

The “level” of your hair refers to how bright or dark. Level one is black and level 10 is platinum blonde. The “tone” of your hair refers to the amount of underlying pigment in the hair. Tones have letters (or numbers) assigned to them which vary by company. The tones generally range from a very cool ash purple to a very warm golden beige.

It is important to remember that people can have the same level with very different tones. It is good to know your level and natural tone in order to find the best way to achieve your ideal color.

“If you think you’re a level one when you really are a level four, the color is going to come out badly,” McCarthy says. Also, if you’re at level one and want to upgrade to level 10, McCarthy recommends leaving that to the pros.

“I don’t recommend bleaching your hair at home,” she says. Home bleach often leads to strange colors, drying out, and sometimes hair pieces falling out.

Know your natural level in order to get a more realistic idea of ​​what hair color you can achieve. And when your hair color is good, you look younger.

Keep the bad part

When was the last time you parted your hair differently? It’s probably been a while. And while part of your hair is one of the easiest hairstyle changes to do, it’s the one we do the least often.

In the style recommended to keep a side or off-center part for the most flattering look. They find a middle part to be harsh, and while celebrities like Kim Kardashian may pull it off, it might not look so good to someone who hasn’t spent hours sketching their face perfectly. Any style that seems too strict or harsh tends to get old.

Now, if you like your middle part, you probably have a big face for it. But, if you haven’t experienced a new room in a while, it might be time to change it.

Be afraid of blows

If you’re worried about the lines on your forehead, the easiest way to instantly erase a few years is to get bangs! Bangs always look youthful, and while they can be a bit boring to maintain, they will hide a lot of wrinkles.

Now feel free to leave your forehead lines in plain sight (we all have them!), But if you are unsure of your forehead lines bangs are a super easy fix. There are many bang options out there, so for the most flattering look, choose the bangs that best match your face shape.

In the style recommended thick, slightly arched bangs for round faces and side bangs for a heart shaped face. If you have an oval face, the magazine said get the bangs you want – all styles work for the oval shape.

Keep a hairstyle that has not changed

Do you remember the woman with the hairstyle from 1985? Well, nothing ages you more than keeping your hairstyle the same for years. It automatically makes you feel like you have been through a decade, and people will start to do the math based on your actual age.

Now if you like any kind of retro look and want that Farrah Fawcett style, go for it! But if your hair hasn’t changed since four presidents came and went, it’s time to try something new.

A new look doesn’t have to be radical. Even just a cut, parting your hair differently or wearing it curly instead of straight will refresh your overall look. Plus, it’s exciting to try something new. And remember, if you don’t like the change, you can go back to your classic style whenever you want.

Trying to look too young

Desperately trying to look super young is a sure-fire way to look older. That doesn’t mean you can’t try on youthful looks, but you don’t need to go overboard. Basically, if you’re over 30, don’t feel like you have to pass yourself off as an 18-year-old Instagram star.

Do you remember the butterfly hair clips? For those of you who don’t remember this trend, butterfly clips were popular with middle school and high school students for about six months in the late ’90s. Either way, I remember it very well. ‘watching a soap opera during this time and seeing a woman over 40 wearing a head full of butterfly clips. The woman was gorgeous, but trying to turn 15 she looked like a desperate 50-year-old woman.

McCarthy emphasizes that that doesn’t mean you have to pick “mom-appropriate” hairstyles as soon as you’re over 25. Just make sure you choose a hairstyle because you love it, not because you think it’s’ what kids are like these days.

Lack of confidence

This really is the biggest mistake of all, because you can do whatever you want with your hair as long as you have the courage to shake it up. “Confidence and joy go a long way in making you look younger than any hair color or style,” McCarthy says.

So if you’re 80 and want hot pink hair, do it! I certainly don’t want anyone to think that there are any rules once you become an “older woman”. If you want to break all of the rules in this article, go for it! Confidence makes any hairstyle amazing.

And just as we’ve all met the woman whose hair hasn’t changed in ’85, we’ve also met the grandma rocking a platinum bob that looks better than anyone 40 years younger. So there really are no rules. Just have fun with your hair and you will look gorgeous.

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