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Best non-alcoholic drinks

Woman with non-alcoholic drinks

[ad_1] Keen to find tasty alternatives to your favorite drinks, minus the alcohol? We reveal the best non-alcoholic drinks. Credit: Elena Schweitzer (background) – Shutterstock For years, it’s been assumed that a standard part of the uni experience is going out most nights and getting drunk. That might be the …

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Accelerated degrees: pros, cons and Student Finance

students in classroom with stopwatch icon

[ad_1] Accelerated degrees can give you the same qualification, just in less time and for less money. But what are the drawbacks? And what funding can you get? Credit: Gorodenkoff (background), Fanisa Azzahra (stopwatch) – Shutterstock Accelerated degrees offer a cheaper route to graduation, serving up the same course content …

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How to sell on Vinted

phone with vinted app on it and a shoe in the background

[ad_1] Vinted is an app-based marketplace where you can both buy and sell pre-loved and new items. Read on for our top tips on maximizing your profit, and what to look out for. Credit: Boumen Japet – Shutterstock Vinted allows you to sell a whole range of items, from clothes …

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21 student life hacks

Man with pasta, a coin, a timer, a book, a sponge and a mobile

[ad_1] Looking for quick ways to save time, energy and money? These life hacks will make your day-to-day life much easier. Whether you’re looking for smart ways to reduce your spending, improve your productivity or avoid unnecessary tasks, we’ve found some life hacks that will make a big difference. Vacuum pack …

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19 ways to fall asleep fast

Eye mask, books and alarm clock

[ad_1] Struggling to sleep? Making some easy changes to your bedtime habits can help you to fall asleep more quickly at night, and wake up feeling rested. We all know how horrible it feels to spend the night tossing and turning. It’s worse, still, trying to get through a busy …

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11 ways to make money on Twitch

gamer with twitch logo and pound sign

[ad_1] Always wanted to get paid to play video games? Now’s your chance. Here’s how you can make money on Twitch. Credit: Pixel-Shot, koblizeek, ​​DeawSS – Shutterstock Growing up, you may have been told that playing video games for hours on end won’t pay the bills. Well, we’re here to …

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Best cheap and free cloud storage providers

woman using laptop with pound sign and cloud storage signs

[ad_1] Storing your photos and documents has never been easier. Check out these cheap and free cloud storage providers. Credit: YoloStock, NikWB, DeawSS – Shutterstock Do you have a phone full of photos and videos? Or do you need a backup of your laptop? Instead of splashing out on an …

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Best alternatives to Amazon

woman holding card with books, lipstick, laptop and a gift

[ad_1] Looking for alternatives to Amazon? Here are some ethical and eco-friendly online shops where you can buy all of your favorite things. Credit: Prostock-studio, Jure Divich, itim2101, Sofiaworld, New Africa – Shutterstock Amazon thrives as a site that offers varied choices, fast delivery, and overall convenience for shoppers. But …

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Rent out your car for money

man holding car key in front of car in driveway

[ad_1] Got a car but don’t always use it? Don’t leave your wheels rusting on the driveway – you could make £100s every month by renting your car out. Credit: Patryk Kosmider (background), Prostock-studio (man) – Shutterstock Whether you’re off to uni and won’t be bringing your car, or you’ve …

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How to get free and cheap Spotify


[ad_1] We’re always looking for ways to stream music for less and Spotify is no exception. If you’re looking for a cheaper Spotify monthly cost, you’ve come to the right place… Credit: Diego Thomazini, Photongraphy, john4ever02 – Shutterstock Whether you’re an avid Taylor Swift fan or a podcast fanatic, Spotify …

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