Vastu Tips to buying an apartment

Vastu Tips to Buying New Apartments
Vastu Tips to buying an apartment

Vastu Shastra offers a few rules that individuals accept lead to such a level of bliss and success that no measure of cash can purchase. A house is a major venture. So with regards to buying an apartment, it is ideal to pick a spot that is worked by Vastu standards.

Vastu rules help make the best living spaces that bring satisfaction, flourishing, abundance, and accomplishment in the lives of occupants. Here is a snappy guide on the best way to check Vastu before buying an apartment, with an accentuation on the main angles.

Entrance and wall colors

buying an apartment and moving on Tuesday or Saturday is viewed as unfortunate. It is ideal to pick condos that are a square or square shape with no descending slants. Keep away from places with sharp cuts in the format. Great passageway should be your first concern since it will prompt bliss and flourishing for the family.

Passageways confronting the north bring financial and business achievement. Evade steps that are in the upper east corner to forestall inconvenience later on. As indicated by Vastu, you might need to maintain a strategic distance from dividers of red and dark tones. All things considered, you ought to favor light shadings like cream, white, yellow, blue, or green because these tones bring inspiration. It is smarter to share your home dividers with your neighbors.

Kitchen and living space

As per Vastu the best kitchens for you are those that face the South-east/north-west heading. Additionally, you should place the oven so that the individual cooking is continually confronting the east. You should make a room on the east side of the condo your parlor. That can assist you with creating and reinforce social relations with your visitors.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

You should make the southern and western-confronting room your children’s room. The south-west-bound room should be the main room or the guardians’ room. For your girls, attempt to pick the north-west-bound room.

The washrooms ought to be the north-east way and restroom entryways ought not to confront the kitchen or the eating region. You might need to maintain a strategic distance from lofts with galleries confronting the South and West course.

Doors and windows

Your home ought to have entryways and windows in even numbers. You have to ensure the entryways open within. Your windows and overhangs should be north and east-bound so that there is the greatest daylight toward the beginning of the day. This will carry inspiration and great wellbeing to the occupants. Furthermore, that is all we require to turn out to be more gainful in various fields. Energy is of vital significance in your life as it is useful for your wellbeing and accomplishment as an expert or entrepreneur.


By following Vastu Shastra rules you can make sure about joy, achievement, and harmony for yourself and your family. You must be cautious while choosing lofts since, in such a case that the Vastu of the spot isn’t right that can prompt trouble later on. You ought to consistently pick organizations that develop high rises as per the Vastu rules.

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